Les Mills Combat Workout By Beachbody: Home Martial Arts Program

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Les Mills Combat Workout

“It’s not Christmas, but feels like it” for those who had are willing to try out the latest inclusion in Beachbody “LES MILLS COMBAT” a challenge pack for Ultimate Warrior’s Physique.

Beachbody has been bringing fitness to the home screens and pushing all those couch potatoes to get up and get ripped with so many amazing workout routines, each designed to cater to individual fitness needs.

After the Pump, Beachbody Less Mills revolutionizes the home workout programs with the help of Les Mills Pump workout and now with the Body Combat on its way; it involves martial arts techniques to give you what you had been looking for.

What is it about the Les Mills Combat By Beachbody Limited Release

Beachbody LesMills Combat will be available for pre-order this fall and be to you just in time for Christmas. As it says, “unleash your inner warrior” you are set to workout with the pinnacle of combat fitness that can help you achieve rapid weight loss and body sculpting.

This powerful new program for extreme body transformation combines mixed martial arts–inspired workouts with high intensity interval training to help get you lean and get ripped like no other workout program you have ever seen before.

For information on how to make a order Body Combat, check with your Team Beachbody Coach, and keep an eye out for announcements at the Beachbody website. It will ship the first week of December and the Beachbody coaches will start the program by January 1st! So, get going and start ordering.

What are the Workouts in LesMills Combat?

A combination of 6 martial arts disciplinesto help trigger lean muscle development and burn fat, revealing your strong, chiseled inner warrior! Here are the details of the Les Mills Combat Workout kits:


The Combat Kit is ranged at $59.85 and will be inclusive of;

  • 7 workouts on 5 DVD’s including the following:
  • Coach Exclusive workouts
  • Stay With the Fight Fitness Guide
  • Eat Right for The Fight Nutrition Guide
  • Tape Measure and Measurement Tracker
    • Les Mills Combat: The Basics
    • Les Mills Combat 30: Kick Start
    • Les Mills Combat 45: Power Kata
    • Les Mills Combat 60: Extreme Cardio Fighter
    • Les Mills Combat 60 Live: Ultimate Warrior’s Workout
    • Les Mills Combat: Power Hiit 1.
    • Les Mills Combat: Shock Plyo Hiit 2.

You can also get the Supreme Warrior Les Mills Combat plus Training gloves at $89.85 and Ultimate Warrior Supreme Kit plus 4 more workouts at $119.70. Sign up to Beachbody, preorder, or get further details on the workout.

How Long are the Les Mills Combat Workouts?

The time of each workout by Beachbody Les Mills Combat is labeled with each program, Ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Check out the workout plan for details.

Is The Les Mills Combat For You?

What you get in Combat workout by Beachbody is exceptional. The Les Mills Combat training will help you blend effective body shredding, fat blasting, explosive moves from a range of martial arts disciplines as the LES MILLS COMBAT workout pushes your body to the limit. The Blending calorie-blasting interval training will prove most effective for you as you will be punching, kicking, jumping, blocking, and striking your way to tone, condition, strengthen, and burn fat all at the same time. Pre-order today and get FREE SHIPPING from your favorite coach!

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